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Visual perception

Your customers interact with your product or service. Touchbud offers the possibilities to get people excited about your solutions.

Remote control

With smart display campaigns your devices are online and always available. You can view the status of a campaign as well as the status of your devices and actively optimize it.

Before we start

We are happy to take time for you regarding your challenge. Analysis, problem-solving approaches, creation of a concept.

Reinventing the screen: Displays must be interactive, best suited to the person standing in front of the board. In addition, it is remotely controllable, always up-to-date and easy to manage.


Smart shelf for better customer interaction

Get help from the shelf itself.

  • Assistance directly at the shelf
  • Dynamic ads
  • Remote control of devices
  • Infotainment and consultant
  • Over-the-air update functionality
  • TouchbudAdvisor license
Handschuhmessgerät für Android

Redefining the role of the consultant

The terminals we have made are not only helpful in finding products or services, but can also carry out measurements, control interactive elements and integrate them in an omnichannel smart shop.

Be ahead of your competition

The operation works via touch or voice input or via AI, which provides more freedom for the user.

Advertising is no longer just as a static object, but as a living application that can delight customers in every age group from students to retirees.

We are happy to advise you on interactive advertising, virtual advisor or information screen.
Let’s clarify everything  in person.

TouchbudAdvisor License: Manage one to a thousand screens. Remote access, statistics and on-screen control directly from your laptop, PC or smartphone.

Imagine, your salespeople, trainers, consultants are available to your customers 24 hours a day, providing data from different perspectives.

Behind The Stage

A 5 to 10 minute call will be enough to give you a personal impression of us.
All questions will be answered personally.

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